” The shared future of East Africa lies with us the young, who are bound together, not just by history, but even by today.”- Lone Felix


12th July, 2012, Lone Felix addresses the Equi ty Africa Leaders Forum on Regional Integration. The Forum was convened to urge young leaders to embrace from within the East Africa bloc to embrace the East African Spirit and take a leading role in fostering integration.

Speaking at the Forum, Lone Felix noted that there existed a huge gap of information between the Normal citizens and the East African dream. He added that the East African dream risked being a creation of technocrats, alienating the masses, who in reality actually mattered.

Observing that regional integration carried a lot of hopes, Lone Felix urged, the residents of the region to go the whole hog and integrate as there were facets of history that bound the nation together.


Other people who addressed the Forum included: Ms. Alice Yala, Deputy Director of Social Affairs in the Ministry of East Africa, Commerce & Tourism, Mr. Washington Akumu, Senior Editor, The East African Daily, Woojin Kim, Visiting Scholar from Duke University, USA and Lydia Katini from Havard.

The Forum was attended by sixty young scholars and professionals.

By: Emmanuel Montari- lonefelix centre

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