The world as it stands is experiencing rapid transformations in a host of scopes. The bar of expectations both from the society and ourselves has thus by default been raised to higher thresholds. The dynamism of our time is further fueled by globalization. Kenya has incorporated itself into the universe and effectively raised the bar of academic competition, professional proficiency and personal output to global scales.
When a student sits in a class for a CRE lesson in Kapsitwet Secondary School at the periphery of The Great Rift Valley, they are competing with a student of Religion in Sydney Australia. When a student sits for a law lecture in Kenyatta University Parklands Campus, they are competing with students in Harvard School of Law in its prominence.
To have any minimal impact on such a wide stage, one definitely needs a niche; an exemplary doctrine unique to them. This uniqueness usually is a resultant of individual responsibility and an outcome of sufficiently challenging ourselves.
As the Kenyan society collectively struggles to realize its peak goal in the next two decades, extensive emphasis should be accorded to the role of each person’s individual responsibility. Unless singularly we resolve to progress, achieving coalesced development for the entire society would prove elusive.
This is since; societal development is just but an expression of individual efforts within the society. What is expressly clear is that our society is not content. We face multiple inadequacies together. Kenya is grappling with food deficiency, problems in governance, insufficiency in social amenity provisions and diseases. We are not content ourselves with our immediate circumstances.
To paraphrase an idea fronted by James Allen: We should be stimulated in the discovery and perception of the truth that: we ourselves are makers of ourselves; by virtue of the thoughts, which we choose and encourage, that mind is the master weaver of, both of the inner garment of character and the outer garment of the circumstance.
The idealness we individually crave for can only be achieved if we sufficiently challenge ourselves into action. Indeed, the difference between success and real failure is the ability to try. No one has ever failed if they have ever tried.
Action is a matter of attitude and willingness than it is a matter of means and affluence. Everyone has abilities proportionate to their dreams. We only need a right mindset as the central impetus to propel us to the realms of our desires. We should develop an attitude that sees possibility and adores success. This would help us to overcome the immense obstacles and defy the shadows that blur our desired ends. We should learn to challenge ourselves beyond the derailing fears, attempt to act beyond suggestions and remain persistently focused on what we value. It is the surest avenue to the destination we like. Remember, our collective destiny is shaped by our individual choices.

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