May 23, 2019 Lone Felix


There will always be a tiny voice in your head, questioning. As you sit down to make a job application, whether you really deserve to get it. At work, when an internal opportunity is advertised, whether you really should apply too, or let it go to the other person.

Many times, in life, I have found myself in places where on many measures, I’m the least. The least educated, the youngest, the least experienced, the least affluent. And these voices easily become loud, so you are tempted to sit and just listen, until when someone will say, but Felix, you haven’t said anything.

You choose to dim your shine, because you believe anyway, everyone else here is better. You choose to kick yourself out of a race because so and so always run better. You refuse to take up a leadership role, because so has always led us.

Hear me today, yes, you may be inexperienced, but you have a voice. Speak and be corrected, you learn better. Take your sit at the table and add your voice to the chat. The Lord who brought you to that sit, has a better understanding of who you are than yourself. Seek to be better, but don’t question your worth.
Speak life and confidence into your heart, and silence the voices that seek to uproot your feet from the path of progress.
Today, believe in yourself, you will see the magic that comes with that.