Statement on the Murder of Ivy Wangechi

May God comfort her family, friends and all those who knew her. I did not know this young lady but I would like to state a few things.

1. That today, there is debate about whether her death was justified or not horrifies me. First I dont need analysis to know that a good amount of information on this story is fake. Within an hour, blogs were carrying alleged screenshots of their conversations. I dont even believe the Police at this time had accessed their phones. Yet, these misinformation become the “Facts” of how discussion is carried on. We judge, distort & assail character based on falsehoods and emotions.

2. Nothing Justifies such Gruesome Killing of a life: Folks, for someone to carry an axe, attack someone twice, then slice her neck with a knife. That is a deeply troubled and dark soul. Nothing justifies that. Don’t at any point imagine that this should be explained away.

3. Clearly, we have a problem. Of all the progress the modern society has realized, as a generation we are sinking back into condoning Violence against women. People are making careers out of objectifying women and we give them audience. I honestly think every woman should be very apprehensive of anyone who has the audacity to imagine that this was justified, even in the remotest of sense. I think the gains made where everyone in the society should feel safe and secure are being eroded.

4. Young men, this world has deep disappointments. You will invest a million shillings & it vanishes in an hour. You will love someone who will not love you back. You will invest time, resources & emotion in someone and you will see them walk away. You will get into a relationship and be cheated on. Grow some spine and understand that life is about getting up and moving on. Don’t ever imagine that you are justified to go on a rampage whenever your feelings are hurt. If everyone did that, this world will be apocalyptic.

5. Finally, to everyone, these things dont happen out of blues. Whenever you see disturbing behavior, speak out, Report, seek help. Don’t ever excuse physical violence or excessively out of the ordinary behavior.

May Ivy’s soul Rest in Peace. And may Her assailant, Naftali Kinuthia be processed in accordance with the Law.