February 20, 2019 Lone Felix


Give me an ear. I’d prefer an eye too, but I know it may be teary
The day is just but passing, and your soul could be weary,
I thought I should remind you, of these don’t you dare forget

YOU ARE WORTH: Born of a woman like all were. Maybe in a little poorer family, may be with a little lesser education, may be with a minor job, maybe your day passes with struggles. But these are labels. Important yes, but they don’t define your worth, your potential nor are they your story. You are human, and worth. Deserving. And defined of your being, never by your circumstances.

Don’t you dare forget

YOU ARE THE AUTHOR OF YOUR OWN STORY: Refuse with all strength to be part of the journey. You are unique and distinct. Your story must be written in your own words. For life is but a symphony of many tales, and its beauty fades when we never add our story. Write your own, with struggle and delight. You may lack a pen for now, scribble with your fingers if you must. But writing you MUST.

Don’t you dare forget

YOU KNOW YOURSELF BETTER: Listen to criticism, but only with a view of picking what makes you better. Many people in this world put others down to mask their own failings. When one holds you to better-ness, walk with them. When one but points out how imperfect you are, face them with love, but let your heart give them a back. You see you better. They know your fear, your nakedness. Don’t allow labels to define you.

Don’t you dare forget

To say: I am Sorry, I love you & Thank you whenever you have a chance!