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The President

The President

Our eyes are firmly on the ground; our desire to see KUSA elect leaders of impeccable character is unmatched.

We wish to sincerely thank you for Nominating Lone Felix as Candidate for KUSA President. It was unprecedented effort that saw only three hours of coordinated efforts see us gather the required signatures. This in itself is a demonstration of faith in his candidature.

As we await the start of the official campaigns, we wish to address ourselves to a few things that in our opinion need this early attention. We are aware of the panic that has struck several people especially after realizing this is a people’s candidature.

We have observed with dismay as certain camps sink as low as trying to peddle unsubstantiated rumors on Lone Felix’s Candidature. The number of fake facebook accounts targeting to portray Lone Felix in the negative have been set up. We have however traced the IP addresses, to a modem number 0718 735 646 associated to a one Elena Kheri who happens to be an associate of one Presidential Candidate and a well known compromised character.

We wish to urge the electorates not to fall to these agents of mediocrity. We have been here before, we know the tricks and we will expose anyone who dares play cheap, and name you by your three names. Our eyes are firmly on the ground; our desire to see KUSA elect leaders of impeccable character is unmatched.

This election has to be about the issues that affect the students. This election has to be about the irrelevance that KUSA has sunk to. This election has to be about questioning the visions of the leaders and not about the normal valueless politics that people always peddle around.

We remain firmly confident of a resounding victory. We will release 500 Copies of Think Business Magazine and 500 Copies of Parents Magazine (May Issue) which all featured great stories on Lone Felix. We urge all those who will get the copies to share so that we elect a person we all understand, who has a proven track record and who we can be trusted to uphold his word.

We also request you to volunteer and join the growing team of people who want to elect a true leader. Send your name to: 0724 248 939 to be enrolled to the campaign team.

We urge our supporters to continue spreading the message. Thank you.
May God Bless Kenyatta University?

By Edwin Masungo- Spokesperson Lone Felix Campaign Secretariat:

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