July 31, 2013 Mad Hatter


Now, this life has it’s unique moments and surprises. That time and place where you are accustomed to is the place where your greatest motivation may happen.

I make it a habit to get to the office by six in the morning. Well, in part its because that high school habit has never left me, and the other reason is that my second most cherished hate is a traffic snarl up.

And typically, when I get to the gate, My bag is searched ritually, perhaps for an explosive or something. And I also take a minute or two to joke with the G4’s guys here. Now, I have been going through this for a while.

Yesterday in the morning, as I came in, a humbling sacrifice awaited me. I try to know everyone around, their names, family and place of stay. But I did not know one thing.

One of the Young guys at the gate surprised me when he called me by a name, only my college peers do. Taken aback, I naturally had to ask how he knew about it.

Well folks, this gentleman, is actually a colleague student in Kenyatta University by day, and by night works for G4s, to raise school fees.

I just could not believe it. We sat down for a chat, and he told me, how he missed JAB by a point, and how his family believed he would just have to make it. His two elder brothers took up a job with G4s and asked him to also, the funds they raise, go into meeting his school fees.

So he lives work at six, and takes a two hour nap before rushing to school to be a student, and in the evening, he is at work. Humbly, spending the night to invest in his day.

You know that moment when you develop immeasurable respect for effort, I just found my hero in you pal, and I am so humbled, that my own struggles and commitments are so small before you.

Had to share this. Have a lovely day friends.!

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