July 26, 2013 Mad Hatter


It is amazing, isn’t it? How we move through life unconscious of the most important things, yet conscious of what makes little difference. Just how many times, do we sit to confirm that we are breathing, or that our heart’s pulse are on? As long as we can walk and talk, well we just do it.

I wondered why, why would the most important thing to me, such as life, give me little to worry about, that is when I understood, that it is just human to know that in a way, this is beyond my control, or to put it a better way, it is already taken care of. Human beings are creatures of faith, you sleep believing you will wake up, travel believing you will get to your destination, love believing it will last for a lifetime.

In this belief, there will always be an element of uncertainty, but the comfort of faith allows us to try, to pursue, to wake up and to go to sleep. Now, it is ironical, that when you think about your struggles, your dreams, your desires and ambitions, sometimes you doubt them, or you doubt yourself. That is when faith, that which is natural to all of us becomes essential. You believe, and follow the desires of your heart.

sunrise_zps220f7400Have a lovely day friends.

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