July 19, 2013 Mad Hatter


As a man, I wake up, all soaked up in my dreams and ambitions, weighed down by the reality that it will never be easy, but assured, that whenever I try, and persist, and pray, it happens.

As a man, I get hurt, when your sacrifices are mistaken, or held in spite, or doubted or wholly taken for granted. But in a way I gather courage, to forgive, accept and do what I believe is good,

As a man, I am aware, that I will always have imperfections, but I am always aware, that it is my obligation to keep fighting, so that my own weaknesses are not passed on to affect other people’s lives.

As a man, I know that I have to keep struggling, I have stopped praying that God level’s the terrain of my life, I pray that he gives me grace to go through whatever terrain I find myself in. For life, can never be complete without the opposites. Tears and laughter, laughter & misery, abundance and lack, and somehow, for I have to live, I have to face them.

Fulfilling day Friends.

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