Now, this life has it’s unique moments and surprises. That time and place where you are accustomed to is the place where your greatest motivation may happen.

I make it a habit to get to the office by six in the morning. Well, in part its because that high school habit has never left me, and the other reason is that my second most cherished hate is a traffic snarl up.

And typically, when I get to the gate, My bag is searched ritually, perhaps for an explosive or something. And I also take a minute or two to joke with the G4’s guys here. Now, I have been going through this for a while.

Yesterday in the morning, as I came in, a humbling sacrifice awaited me. I try to know everyone around, their names, family and place of stay. But I did not know one thing.

One of the Young guys at the gate surprised me when he called me by a name, only my college peers do. Taken aback, I naturally had to ask how he knew about it.

Well folks, this gentleman, is actually a colleague student in Kenyatta University by day, and by night works for G4s, to raise school fees.

I just could not believe it. We sat down for a chat, and he told me, how he missed JAB by a point, and how his family believed he would just have to make it. His two elder brothers took up a job with G4s and asked him to also, the funds they raise, go into meeting his school fees.

So he lives work at six, and takes a two hour nap before rushing to school to be a student, and in the evening, he is at work. Humbly, spending the night to invest in his day.

You know that moment when you develop immeasurable respect for effort, I just found my hero in you pal, and I am so humbled, that my own struggles and commitments are so small before you.

Had to share this. Have a lovely day friends.!

Seek not, the ease of life, but the grace to face its thickness

So yes, worry that you may fail, but have the courage to pursue your wishes, Yes, fail sometimes, but at least you tried.Tuesday

It is very human to be afraid the greatest challenges ahead of us. None, other than Christ, aware of the sufferings ahead of him cried out: Abba, Father,” he cried out, “everything is possible for you. Please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.

Yet, my memory relishes this snippet from Milan Kundera’s Unbearable Lightness of being: That in the world, the more light our lives are, the less true to ourselves we become, and the heavier the burden we face, the fulfilling it is, when we carry it.

So seek not, the ease of life, but the grace to face its thickness, the deeper our dark tunnels, the longer our sufferings, the more uncertain our success is, the more it is sweeter and fulfilling when we realize it.

So yes, worry that you may fail, but have the courage to pursue your wishes, Yes, fail sometimes, but at least you tried. Yes, meet the obstacles, sometime go around them, or even through them, for that enriches your success.

Happy Tuesday my dear Friends


That each morning, heralds an opportunity to try again. And no one fails who has ever tried. In itself, trying is living, it only means we were never cowards to believe we have failed even before trying

Every start has its hopes. Be it the start of a day, where we hope we will realize the dreams of our hearts, or the start of a night, where we hope to realize restful dreams.

But as the day, or season or year wanes on, our energies get drained, perhaps our efforts seem not to bear anything. Our dreams seem to fade, and somehow we start again yearning for renewal, hoping that a new dawn, a new beginning will come.

Yet even with that beginning, the scars of yesterday remind us of failures or unrealized dreams. The memories of our unrewarded efforts, can be discouraging.

Yet, then is when you have to know a few things.:

That each morning, heralds an opportunity to try again. And no one fails who has ever tried. In itself, trying is living, it only means we were never cowards to believe we have failed even before trying.

The start of each day, signals a hope of newness, and we should always seize it, live it and use the hope that we have another chance as an energize to face our fears, relive our struggles and pursue our ambitions.

Have a beautiful day full of God’s love friends



“If you embrace this truism, then it justifies the need for you to consciously purpose to influence the perception the world has of you. It would mean you control the information given out, of you, by your image”

Personal branding is a conscious self-packaging which targets to create a distinguishable asset of someone. In a Major sense, it is a tool to claim self identity, an attempt to be within the masses without being a part of the masses, or to set oneself apart. It will commonly include but may not necessarily be limited to clothing, personality, body stature, in-depth comprehension of a concept.

In modern times, personal branding is necessitated by a social belief that indeed perception is the ultimate reality. This in itself is subject to philosophical critique, but as such, it is true that our part of lives known to our neighbours would constitute the bulk of who we are. As such social desirability bias is not an exclusive attempt of not being ourselves; it can be incorporated within us to achieve a personal advantage; living aware that we need to be conscious, but in an honest manner about what others see of us.

Our silent personalities may not be of a major significance if they are not used to influence our immediate environment. It is like holding an in-depth conviction that we are inherently good people, yet our colleagues associate us with obnoxious tendencies. While our internal convictions may serve to give our consciences serenity, it does little in aiding our association with the rest of humanity. And yes, life is just as much about association with others as it is about associating with ourselves.

My lecturer once mused, you may see yourself as an expert, but if the world does not believe this, your expertise is an illusion. In blunt words, the world, which unfortunately you must be part of, is interested in what it can see of you, not what you believe it should see of you.

If you embrace this truism, then it justifies the need for you to consciously purpose to influence the perception the world has of you. It would mean you control the information given out, of you, by your image. You should separate the notion of personal branding and double living. Whereas the former is basically regulating and modifying the part of you given out for public consumption, the latter is a masking endeavour designed to exclude the bad you from the world.

It would not be entirely far-fetched to say that double living would include defensive mechanisms, where one shields their bad selves from the world which could prove critically burdensome.

It is invaluable if one concedes to the fact that every minute of life we are being weighed in one way or the other. If it is not our kindergarten teacher predicting the greatness of our academic prowess, it could be a Human Resource supervisor perusing our profiles. It could be our classmate commending on how our dress marries exquisitely well with our physique. All these evaluations are important and if we can manipulate them to our advantage, while remaining true to ourselves and giving a positive contribution to the world, then that is the avenue that we should take.
In packaging ourselves, the greatest strategy is making our gifts a conspicuous part of our brand. It is easier to be genuine when you know exactly that you are good at what you are doing.

Shakespeare told humanity that the world is a stage: And all men and women but players. On such a stage, you ought to curve a niche for yourself.


We have been asked to be confident, in very many ways. Here, let us place emphasis on how it expresses itself, and perhaps distinguish it from on being full of yourself as a person. Confidence is simply belief in your ability to do something successfully.

It would be surprising if we can ever have an impact on anything without believing in ourselves. The ability to believe that we can be successful would impliedly embrace all tenets observed to realize success. Confidence would be a belief in our abilities while having courage to concede our failings.
Confidence is an intellectual virtue that would allow constructive critique, adducing and challenging of ideas and expressing ourselves with an authoritative certainty but equally cautious of depicting ourselves as thresholds for everything.

A brand person would have guarded certainty in their speech. I will deliver would be their speech when they are sure rather than I think I will deliver. Listening to Caroline Mutoko recently, I learnt that the world is impatient with ideas, it needs plans: an expression of comprehensive certainty rather than speculative possibilities.


Life is interplay of both official and casual contexts. Rigidity in the brand that one places forth for public consumption only serves to constrain the extent of our interaction. Consider Barack Obama, even in addressing the Congress amidst a declining economy, he would place in his speech a guarded joke that is relevant to the context.
A funny update on our social media profile, a guarded joke in a corporate discussion could help us identify with many people who we would love to influence.

As such integrated facets of our lives should be placed before the public for a holistic interaction.


Having had the privilege of working as a client relationship officer in a financial institution, I came to a conclusion that clients do know that at some point their expectation may not be met to the fullest. However, they greatly appreciated if this would be communicated to them effectively.

The number of times, I heard, “it is okay, I will wait” increased every time I communicated at first instance when a mishap was noted. Communication is the only chord that ties us with everyone else in our environment.
The clarity in our way of communication would greatly reduce misinterpretations.
There is no way we can impart our ideas to other people without communication. In written contexts, we have to be cautious since our communications would have a sense of permanency. In oral communication, our personal touch will accompany the same and we ought to be cautious.

Clarity of communication would not mean extreme eloquence, but it would mean a sizable command of the language. I know of political aspirants who undergo intense training to realize a mastering of local dialects. If you have the advantage of eloquence, the better, if you can create it, then proceed.

(The Second Part of this Continuing Series will appear on Friday, 2nd August, on www.lonefelix.com)


It is amazing, isn’t it? How we move through life unconscious of the most important things, yet conscious of what makes little difference. Just how many times, do we sit to confirm that we are breathing, or that our heart’s pulse are on? As long as we can walk and talk, well we just do it.

I wondered why, why would the most important thing to me, such as life, give me little to worry about, that is when I understood, that it is just human to know that in a way, this is beyond my control, or to put it a better way, it is already taken care of. Human beings are creatures of faith, you sleep believing you will wake up, travel believing you will get to your destination, love believing it will last for a lifetime.

In this belief, there will always be an element of uncertainty, but the comfort of faith allows us to try, to pursue, to wake up and to go to sleep. Now, it is ironical, that when you think about your struggles, your dreams, your desires and ambitions, sometimes you doubt them, or you doubt yourself. That is when faith, that which is natural to all of us becomes essential. You believe, and follow the desires of your heart.

sunrise_zps220f7400Have a lovely day friends.




“On a lighter note, if uniting the country is extremely hard, Uhuru can send all of us to Uganda, except teachers. I admire the unity of the tutors; they listen to the voice of their commander, irrespective of where they come from. Perhaps after all, we need to be Sossionalized!”



Since his swearing in as President, Uhuru Kenyatta does not conclude any major speech without calling for national reconciliation and forgiveness. Indeed, one of the Key jubilee pillars was Umoja, but my bet was that uniting Kenya would be a long shot, no matter who won the election. Matters were complicated with the acrimonious contestation of the Presidential tally. And the opposition seems to be very keen on entrenching the impression that Uhuru’s 4000 or so votes that handed him the presidency was procured illegally.

I think Uhuru deserves the benefit of doubt, even from the staunchest of his critics, that as president, it is his constitutional obligation to be a uniting figure of a nation that seems to love and loath him in equal measures. The very fact, that the man speaks of reconciliation, and he seems to be genuine at it, should be taken in good faith.

One thing though, whether by coincidence or default, the President’s word and his regime’s actions seem not to march. His picks, for all the appointive slots continue to accord to the old model of my people, and he, or his agents, seem keen on relieving those who may not support him politically off their duties.

I am sure, that the president is aware, that perhaps calls from his person will serve little to realize national reconciliation and neither would it have been so, had his nemesis Raila Odinga won the election. Kenya is politically sensitive solution, and the only genuine mode of realizing national unity is embracing political honesty.  This may require sacrifices, perhaps alienation of a few of hardliners around his camp, but if he wanted a priceless legacy, that would be perhaps the way to go.

In my opinion, there are only two possible ways of creating national unity, one a government that adopts bipartisanship. The continued feeling that the Kenyatta government is flexing its proverbial, tyranny of number to reach its goals serves very little to support the President’s intentions. His lieutenants in parliament seem to be keen on serving the executive rather than finding their own roles, and this gives him a chance to take a leading role in forging jointly created solution to matters of concern.

Naturally, my proposition will attract the known; this is not a coalition government. We are a nation of extensively short memory. Even with its dragging in decision making, the Coalition government under Kibaki and Raila achieved what no single government did. It achieved a constitution in 3 years, what had been a dream for 20 years. There was moving towards genuine and balanced development across the country, and Kenyans have the coalition government to thank for the peace that prevailed during the elections.

The other way, is to forge partisan agenda, Jubilee certainly rules both houses and his agenda will sail through, but he will only realize to alienate the already disenfranchised half population.

Uhuru Kenyatta is the President of the republic and his reaching out to the opposition can only be leadership, not cowardice. His supporters may have their egos dented when those who should ideally be outsiders to the national agenda are brought forth, especially if their ideas are accommodated, but this is what a president should do, be president even to the opposition.

The second viable option in my opinion is to support greater devolution. I can safely deduce, that Uhuru Kenyatta is not an enthusiast of devolution, but well, it is in the constitution he swore to uphold and I bet the big man has little, in a cautious sense he can do about it.

Devolution is a possible way of fostering a stronger united nation, united in purpose, our differences notwithstanding. The only voices of reason since the end of elections have come from institutions tasked with taking care of devolution.

The senate has jointly lodged a petition at the Supreme Court, totally transcending political divides. The Council of governors seems to speak from a united front, irrespective of the political affiliations. It is telling that the council as constituted has 24 CORD affiliated governors and 23 Jubilee affiliated governors, yet the chairperson is from Jubilee. Kenyans are not even aware how Isaack Ruto became the chair, and when the parliament was awash with fights over committees, the governors never treated the country to the same brinkmanship.

Supporting county governments gives the president a way of directly engaging the people. I doubt, any governor, elected on whatever party, will decline hosting the president if he knew the president was genuine about supporting his county.

I came across a joke recently that the president has visited many countries, than he has counties, perhaps showing that he may not be aptly aware of this opportunity. Indeed, his choosing to sideline the senate’s consideration during discussions and subsequent passage of the revenue allocation bill and deciding to place a constitution office, the Transition Authority, under the clips of a minister does not serve to foster strengthen devolution.

Supporting devolution would mean, that the President decided wholeheartedly to relinquish certain trappings he enjoys for the sake of unity. It would be desirous to hear Uhuru Kenyatta say that though a certain function was left to the ambit of the national government, he feels it can be best exercised by the county governments. Is he willing to take the risk, I hope so.

Decentralizing attention will create 47 reducing how Kenyans look at the presidency. The 47 counties will criticize the government in unison, or praise it together, giving Kenyans one thing, they can share without looking at each other as CORD or jubilee.

On a lighter note, if uniting the country is extremely hard, Uhuru can send all of us to Uganda, except teachers. I admire the unity of the tutors; they listen to the voice of their commander, irrespective of where they come from. Perhaps after all, we need to be Sossionalized!


As a man, I wake up, all soaked up in my dreams and ambitions, weighed down by the reality that it will never be easy, but assured, that whenever I try, and persist, and pray, it happens.

As a man, I get hurt, when your sacrifices are mistaken, or held in spite, or doubted or wholly taken for granted. But in a way I gather courage, to forgive, accept and do what I believe is good,

As a man, I am aware, that I will always have imperfections, but I am always aware, that it is my obligation to keep fighting, so that my own weaknesses are not passed on to affect other people’s lives.

As a man, I know that I have to keep struggling, I have stopped praying that God level’s the terrain of my life, I pray that he gives me grace to go through whatever terrain I find myself in. For life, can never be complete without the opposites. Tears and laughter, laughter & misery, abundance and lack, and somehow, for I have to live, I have to face them.

Fulfilling day Friends.