June 18, 2013 Mad Hatter

Hold on some More

So many times I wake up in life, pressed with my unfulfilled wishes and aspirations. Pressed with unrealized desires and imperfections. Many a times, I wake up when tears are the most logical thing, or self pity or even giving up.

But yet still, whenever I see the promise of a new day, I understand then, that its an opportunity to try again, to hold on a while longer, to scale the cliff just some more.

I am always reminded by nature, that the most calm time is a minute after the storm and so the time when I should hope most is the time when desperation is at its peak.

I am reminded, that light is very appealing to the eye, when you have been unwillingly confined in darkness, that laughter is sweeter to the soul, when you have known tears.

Sometimes, what we face, the deserts we go through, is a way of preparing us to appreciate God’s abundance when it happens.

Blessed day Friends.

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