December 31, 2012 Mad Hatter


I always try poetry,

In the depths of my being, when I need to pour the truest of my soul, to the fields of men

Today, in the stillness of time, I thought I would make a prayer,

And yet, for my soul prays for me by day, the prayer would not be for me,

And yet, for the prayer would not be for me, it could only be for you,

You my friend, for in such a seclusion, my soul can only speak to those it knows,

And it knows your face, for we share smiles and frowns

And it knows your heart, for we share fears and hopes

And so, I prayed


I prayed for your well being and for a reflective day,

That when, you think of times past, and find the many folds I have erred,

That when, you see yesterday, and see tears I brought

You will forgive me, and bequeath me a smile for days to come

And that, I will smile away your mistakes too, so that

When the glitter of tomorrow starts, we shall be united by the glow

Of our faces

I prayed for an expansive 2013,

Where your dreams will be realized and your fears trounced

Where the world, will give way to your hopes,

I prayed for the safety of your body and heart

And the wellness of your mind

I prayed, for your greatness

And hoped that the strength of being valued shall be with you,

I prayed, that the beauty of your heart be enhanced,

With the pellets of my love, care and concern

And prayed for your undying smile


And next year, friend

Allow me the cherished chance of being your friend,

And I promise, to whisper into your ears the need to persist,

To dream, to try and to soar


I prayed for your 2013.


Happy 2013

From my Heart, hope yours takes it.



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