April 12, 2012 Mad Hatter


The world is sometimes frustrating. When we need our strength most, time offers us weakness, when we need good health, season offers us illness. It reaches a time, when our prayers bounce off the skies, when our sincerest of all wishes fail to pass.
Why would it appear that the best things in life fail or come to an end rather quickly? Why would it be that the clearest of our dreams get blurred in the uncertainties of this world?

I would like you to take time and imagine this world. A world where there are no tears. A world where we wake up to a morning symphony of joyous laughter as opposed to the hues of desperation we are accustomed to. A morning where the sun breaks in abundance and we have no reason to go and seek daily provisions. Where our wishes come to be in a click of a moment. A morning where I would become a lawyer without dragging my tired body through the intricacies of books, where if a cancer is detected in my brain it melts away at my wish. Imagine this. To me, this would be a fathomless desert.

There would be no event in life, no substance of struggle, no taste of a sweat, no feeling of a Victory. The world would be an unadventurous trail of tradition, where there are no ills to surmount or no hills to overcome. It would be a plain, with no fears and an no anxieties.

These dark aspects of life shape its substance. When you wake up and your computer fails, and you have to format all the data you cherish, and reinstall an operating system, the data is lost, but you achieve one thing, the Knowledge that even if my computer fails, I can still live on. If you visit your doctor for a routine Check, and he tells you he has seen a dent on your heart, your fears of losing a life abound, but you achieve to realize one thing, that even with a dent on your heart, the sun does not fail to rise.

If you wake up, and the country’s leadership is in a mess, and you think your state is the worst in the world, time is but offering you a chance to be the change you want. Life makes the glory of light less obvious, because unless we meet darkness, we risk taking light for granted. Life affords us tears because it is when our eyes are dried, that we appreciate the comfort of love, joy and peace.

We are afforded trials, because surmounting a trial sweetens Victory. Nowhere in the world, has calm resided with profoundness than in the ports of storms. I mean we understand the peculiarity of calm when we have faced storms. We appreciate the value of shelter when we get drenched in the rains of trouble.

God in his greatness has given you the gift of autonomous thinking, this only means, that holding our thoughts in liberty is the most sacred Act of worship we can give the heavens. And in his graciousness, He allows you to create yourself with your thoughts. Even if circumstances chain you, liberate your mind; behold success and success you will become. When you are chained by fears of uncertainty, liberate your conscience and allow it to take strength in conviction. Be brave and pursue your desires, through the fears of failure and the impediments of lack. The Glory of success is amplified by how difficult it was to reach it.

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