Described as a blend of firmness, insight and persistence, LONE FELIX is a Student of Law at Kenyatta University and seeking the University Student Presidency in elections due March, 20th 2012.

Currently, He is a University Ambassador for freedom of Information with the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ-K) the Kenyan Chapter, A Commentary Editor with the Equity Africa Leadership Journal and previously an Academic Captain in Goseta High School and a Client Relations Officer with Equity Bank Ltd.

As a youthful leader, he believes his candidature is the start of a journey to make both Student and National politics idea based. He describes his candidature as defiance to the reality upon whose Campus politics is based, which is largely tribal and money based and believes that time is rife to liberate his generation from such chaining and entrench the value for substance.

At the heart of his candidature, is the desire to further the brand of Kenyatta University and provide leadership that will dispel mounting concerns in the job market as to the competence of University graduates and leaders. He believes institutions of higher learning beam with untapped greatness and his leadership will try to the best extent possible to tell this story to the nation.

He intends equally to use the University as a platform of rubberstamping the truth that the Kenyan youth can rise beyond bigotry and tribe to elect visionary leaders, who are committed to the unity of Kenya, able to address the concerns of their electorates and who will act and decide with utmost caution and respect.

Lone believes the country should invest in the Education beyond the situation today. He cites the minimum amount which University Students qualify for; KSH 35,000 from the HELB as extremely low, unable to sustain a college student needs and intends to petition the parliament, with other University Student Associations, for an increased allocation to the Board.

Kenyan Student inventions and talents are not nurtured and dully recognized. He intends to create an environment within the university that fully appreciates student talent, highlights student achievements and respects the diverse gifting in the University.

He will persuade outsourcing of private investors to construct hostel units as a measure of addressing accommodation shortages. All persons offering Accommodation Services to students will be registered with the University, and be required to adhere to set standards as to provision of amenities, security and rates charged to students.

He will commission a buildup of an Employer Data base to ease access to information as to employment and job opportunities. He will equally propose an increased sourcing, by the University for Internship opportunities for its all-round students and advocate for an expedited start of Exchange Programs to broaden perspectives in the light of new trends.

Kenyatta University has new schools in Health Sciences, Law and Engineering. The Students in these Schools have however shown extraordinary effort, Lone intends a deliberate exercise to sensitize the market that competent graduates from these disciplines from Kenyatta University are joining the market and will occasion a paradigm shift as to levels of competence, readiness and performance. And further insist on the awesome performance from Graduates from other schools.

Kenyatta University has an exemplary reputation of Integrating Disadvantaged Students he intends to seek their further acceptance and integration into their society and join efforts of ensuring that they exploit their potential to the fullest.

Transparent operations, Subsidizing Club and Association Operations, Integrating Constituent Campuses into the big picture of the University operations and being an Ambassador and Custodian of the Kenyatta University Student Image form part of his dream.Image