My prayer for you…

Merry x mas


I pray for your well being

for a reflective festive season

for an expansive 2012

where your dreams will be realized

where your fears will be trounced

where, your unlimited potential, will be seen in the world

I pray for your safety and your wellness

for your greatness, and wholeness

I pray that the strenght of being loved and valued will walk with you

I pray for your smile, your laughter, your grin, your graciousness and your greatness.

And in all this, I humbly pray that you allow me to be a friend in your life. That you allow the knowledge of me to whisper in your soul the need to persistently go on.  To forge beyond your fears, to surmount all obstacles, to soar the skies of expansion. I pray for your excellence in 2012.

From my Heart to you my true friend

Lone Felix