And he said to his servant, “Go up now, look toward the sea.” … and at the seventh time he said, “Behold, a little cloud like a man’s hand is rising out of the sea.”


The intimate association of the social and political aspects of Kenya is rather intriguing. Politics has ability to make us loose our consciences and rip our social threads without regret.


When Kenya took the avenue of unprecedented anarchy during the post poll mayhem, it would be unimaginable to anticipate then, a shared future. People sacrificed our shared struggles and vented angers never known.

As smoke billowed, and tension kept going high, the Serena team wove itself through endless talks. Agents of converse interests, for a Kenyan hoping for unity the wait amounted to an eternity. Then came the declaration: We have a deal.

Animosity waned magically. Instead of hues of desperation, celebrations rent the air. As rivals shook hands before cameras, passionate followers laid down machetes to embrace each other.

The unity though appreciably cosmetic, deserves a closer took. As a nation, one of the greatest threads in our social fabric is political unity. You would agree with me that moments like the promulgation of the constitution remain conspicuously pleasant because largely we had one voice.

The hope of a united Kenya is today as threatened as December 2007 or worse than then. Well, we had to go that way, as a price for the blood that was shade in our crazy rage.

In a bid to ensure justice for the victims, a probe into the violence was initiated by the ICC. The prosecutor gathered evidence and he has in the past four weeks washed our linen in the public gallery.

Sadly, a purely criminal investigation has been politicized and today, we have a country split in the middle. Half the population believing in the investigation and the other half believing that the process is a frame up to preclude their sons from a presidential race.

Well, a suspense vacuum has now ensued and as we await the verdict as to whether the charges will be confirmed; it is worth speculating on the trajectory we may take either of the outcomes.

If on 24thDecember, 2011, her ladyship Ekaterina Trendafilova pronounces that William Samoei Ruto will face the trial, his followers will bury a hope, and when hopes are buried, desperation sprouts with admirable speed. If later, her ladyship again commits Uhuru Kenyatta to the dock, a sizeable populace would again burry a hope.


The defence teams of the two leaders made an intentional mention of Raila Odinga. Well, that would never pass for a legal strategy. A first year law student would know that time spend talking about an individual not party to the proceedings is a wasted time.

My assumptions which could pass for truisms would be that they were acting on express instructions of their clients. Why you ask, even in the seclusion of the Hague docks, the thought of a Raila presidency will never stop haunting the two.

Well both men are justified in waging the war. Raila’s pronouncements on the lawns of Uhuru Park, “kibaki tosha” cost Kenyatta a presidency. Ruto, the self proclaimed 2007 king maker reels under fury to imagine that he could be unceremoniously discarded.

But the implications of their actions go beyond realizing political mileage against Raila. They achieve an indoctrination of their supporters that the man who framed them is walking the lawns of royalty undeterred and he even dares imagine that he could assume the presidency.

Raila supporters have an even bigger reason to believe that their candidate is being maliciously targeted. All the three men command a near fanatical support embedded in ethnic sanctity

They all pass as tribal messiahs and this is where the real risk lies.

The apparent unity between Ruto and Uhuru has masked the primary reasons why violence erupted in Rift Valley. The feeling of a common enemy may unite the valley, but the fissures that caused the Rift are more than alive.

The immortalized Raila is once again packaging himself as the only chance for desired continuity. And as such, we have created two graves, graves of hope on either side.

Behold, I see a cloud the size of a man’s hand coming out of our seas. We have failed as a nation to channel our angers out of the system and opted to find alternative targets for fury. The difference is that when it starts raining, we will be drenched again not because an election has been rigged, but because we distrust ourselves.

The salvation of this country lies in an informed electorate. An electorate that knows that when the leadership weaves through political intricacies, our position is that of pawns

It is raw ambition that shutters the voices of our leadership. A few weeks ago, I had a chance to attend a forum where the three contenders for the presidency gave keynote addresses. The resonation of a shared dream of a just and prosperous Kenya was rather unequivocal. You would expect that such people who share a similar philosophy would make great spouses politically.

Hope we choose on individual bases to stand for unity!!!