July 2, 2011 Mad Hatter


Today, in the uniqueness of the flamingo Hub, Mutava Musyimi will be outlining the drive that gives his presidential ambition a drive. Less than two months ago, I fronted his name as a befitting compromise in the volatile Kenyan politics.
Well, the fact that he is announcing his presidential today, brings my lukewarm presupposition that he shall indeed succeed Kibaki a step closer to realization.
Well, Mutava has a chance of getting my vote before he starts fever pitch rallies simply for one reason, he can achieve across the divide acceptability which non of his competitors.
Well, the race today has two known pro democracy heroes, the Prime minister, Raila AND Mutava. A little known cleric who dared defy the dictatorial moi intentions of scraping the security of tenure of key judicial officers.

As the secretary General of the NCCK, Mutava has been the voice of reason. He is a blend of integrity, vision and worthiness. I hope someone else sees it this way.

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