KERIAKO TOBIKO- Could This Be A Project of The Mighty Forces

Sammy Kirui sensationally accused Tobiko for soliciting bribes to impede prosecutions. In a legally justifiable assertion, Keriako dismissed the allegations as malicious and innuendo.

I would never be able to justify whether the allegations were real or founded on personal conflicts, but to be true to the spirit of the constitution, they place an irreparable dent on the moral audacity of Mr. Tobiko as he waits to assume office.

It is pretty certain that Tobiko will be the next Director of Public Prosecutions. This is since; a hastily constituted marionette of questionable persons gave him a nod, and the parliament, an institution which in the moment lacks conscience will certainly approve him.

Before forwarding postulations as to why Tobiko’s could be a candidacy of the mighty, it is worth to note the persons who have voiced him ardent support. The current Attorney General Amos Wako, a mask of impunity in all senses. Having served the worst eras of human abuses and mega economic swindles, Wako masked crimes and created and ensured the Attorney General’s office was just a converse of its intent, it worked against public interest.

Alfred Getonga, a presidential aide in the formative days of the Kibaki presidency, was mention by Kirui as an intermediary through whom Tobiko sought bribes. Well, as expected, he wrote to the parliamentary committee on the Implementation of the Constitution expressly denying the allegations.

Getonga has a tarnished reputation, his name surfaces with disturbing prominence in the Anglo leasing scandal. He is termed as a powerful force that frustrated the then Ethics and Governance Ps John Githongo’s efforts to salvage the nation from executive scams. These are the people who might have created a hedge round the presidency secluding Kibaki from his sworn desire to fight graft.

Well, Atwoli who chaired Tobiko’s nomination has had quite a frequency in the courts. Spare me this, but Tobiko, a performer in all the stages of his life to quote the eximious Wako could be more than a Kenyan interested in the DPP post.

Beyond this, Tobiko was fished from a lawyering circle which did not have prosecution expertise. His record probably the greatest indicator of his proficiency; what extra ordinary prosecution awarded him a second chance? It could only be one, he is into the systemic masking game and the Lords of impunity are at ease with him.

Assuming a high calling like DPP would require utmost pubic trust. This evaporates with these taints that are surprisingly emerging. Would it not be prudent for Tobiko to demonstrate honor and set aside his bid. If it is a question of ambition, yes he has occupied the office already, and since nothing happened in his tenure, I would be glad if he allowed the new dispensation to be without him.

This is not an issue of succumbing to the innuendo, if its is, but a matter of integrity. At least to evade the Kiplagat way.