November 25, 2010 Mad Hatter


Many question my motivation and conviction, many question the timing of my ambition, many question the reality in my sentiments and many doubt the practicability of the same.

Their concerns are valid, for indeed, Kenya is not accustomed to a large scale of ambitions. There have been forces that established themselves as ultimate Kingmakers; wealth and affluence, ethnicity and regionalism, convenience and compromise.

But there is a conviction within me, a conviction that gives me faith to believe that these traditional Lords ought to be negated. That conviction tells me that Kenya can rise above these retrogressive chains, that Lone can be judged by the extent of his will and not the massiveness of his wealth.

This faith, Confirms to me, that such a great nation is ripe and can rebel against conservatism for change.

Yes, I may lack means but I have a will, I may lack age but I have the ability, I may lack superficial qualifications, but I have one thing, A LOVE FOR A BETTER KENYA.

Those who doubt the scale of my ambitions have no respect for history, monumental occurrences have occurred when humanity least expected. Conformity to trends retard progress and I shall not be a prisoner of normalcy. No Kenyan will be a prisoner of normalcy.
To reclaim our Lost promise we need valiance as opposed to timidity, we need to dare than to conform, we need to Fight for our beliefs.

I believe in possibility, I believe in Kenya

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