…why I am getting worried….

At independence Kenya had a great opportunity to create an image of a nation. Basically, the founding leaders had a chance to create a nation that never existed. The demarcations that lumped a colossal diversity into one jurisdiction brought with it a promise of great growth as well as a risk of perpetual disunity.

Since the founding leaders were too concerned with convenience, the difference between Odinga Jaramogi and Kenyatta Jomo saw the burial of a celebrated diversity. This difference saw Kenyatta convene a meeting in Limuru to cut links with Odinga. Significantly Limuru is in the heartland of Kikuyu land, basically thus Mzee was simply saying he was content to seek comfort in the bosom of Ethnicity if the nation threatened disunity. He equally stopped donning the Luo cap announcing the loss of his National identity.

Several decades later, the Nation still reels under the burden of this decision. The ghosts of this disagreement have ensured that Kenya is in their Halloween eve perpetually. They are ghosts incapable of being appeased and they fragment the nation down the middle.

The country lives either leaning towards the grave of Odinga or the grave of Kenyatta. Strangely, we are unable to notice that we are worshiping destructive legacies that annihilated our promise of unity in diversity. We have failed to notice that the difference between these two individuals was a difference in principle. Odinga wary of the steep capitalistic trend the Nation was taking questioned the relevance of such principle.

The then ethnic doyens then caved this difference of principle, defaced it and oiled the same with perceptions that the entire Kikuyu was against the Luo and vice versa. The nation fragmented along these two enclaves, we lost the promise.

The vacuum of chance at independence was lost, all meaningful gains were erased, devolution was erased, institutions constricted, imperialism legalized and impunity made a deity. We have lived with this for over three decades. There was then a renewed promise when we united as a nation to accept a new constitution.

I remember the splendor and the glimmer of hope that graced our skies then, as we sat anticipating for enormous changes. A nation was being rebuilt, a nation that understood the doctrines of separation of power, an accountable executive, an autonomous judiciary and a sanctioning parliament.

Today, exactly ninety days have passed since the glorious promulgation, the dream we nurtured seem to be evading us, we appear to be loosing the track of our ambitions, the glimmer of hope that the value of the institutions were being resuscitated is painfully melting. The spirit of normalcy has descended as we import antics of yester times into the present.

A nation could be burying its promise since we are still worshiping the rivalry of the past. We are bent to continue paying homage to the two graves and silence new ideas. I am scared that we are not obeying the uniting spirit we celebrated on 27th August.

Give me reason to the contrary is the recent theatrics is anything to go by.

One man who would probably be blamed by history if this nation fails is Ligale. His term expires today and leaves shells of discontent and disunity in the nation. Can we speak the truth; Ligale lost it when he imagined that constitutive protection endorsed adamancy.

My business is not to determine whether he followed the criteria outlined out in the constitution. The basic truth was that there was disquiet and Ligale should have listened to all Kenyans. Anyway he was admirably adamant as a chair, he achieved nothing except, court restrictions whether valid or compromised, his actions directly impeded constitution of two other important committees when Mps irresponsibly but probably justifiably stopped the process.

A section of the Executive that stopped the gazettement of the list should explain to the country where the authority to stop a constitutional committee from performing its work came from. We do not need antics, is gazzettement and publication the same thing as Mutua alleges.

Why are we bent on the big man syndrome where individuals are bigger than institutions? Why is the executive extending its influence on the judiciary? Why do I feel that there could be puppets of the executive in the judiciary? Why do I see a Dugdale in Gacheche? Why could Ligale listen to dissenting opinions? Why does ODM appear content with the list and PNU discontent? Why was Malava split and not Dagorretti? Why did Isaac Ruto vet people and stop the list from sailing through in parliament?

Do I see executive imperialism? Do I see regionalism? Do I see puppet institutions? Do I see an enslaved judiciary? Do I see politicization of the constitution? Do I see ethnic leanings when interpreting national issues? Is this not the face of yester times? Could we be giving up our promise?

I wish the voices of moderation like Peter Kenneth, Martha, Gitobu, Ababu, Eugine could be exalted by the media. I wish the Isaacs, and the Mbadis and the Farahs, and the Ephraims, and the Waititus could be neglected by the media. I wish that sensation could be avoided in this debate, I wish that we could see principle and not convenience.

I do not like what I see.

Hope someone knows that as a common Kenyan all that matters is good leadership even if Kenya was to be merged into one constituency.

LONE FELIX/lone.felix@yahoo.com/lonefelix.blogspot.com


Many question my motivation and conviction, many question the timing of my ambition, many question the reality in my sentiments and many doubt the practicability of the same.

Their concerns are valid, for indeed, Kenya is not accustomed to a large scale of ambitions. There have been forces that established themselves as ultimate Kingmakers; wealth and affluence, ethnicity and regionalism, convenience and compromise.

But there is a conviction within me, a conviction that gives me faith to believe that these traditional Lords ought to be negated. That conviction tells me that Kenya can rise above these retrogressive chains, that Lone can be judged by the extent of his will and not the massiveness of his wealth.

This faith, Confirms to me, that such a great nation is ripe and can rebel against conservatism for change.

Yes, I may lack means but I have a will, I may lack age but I have the ability, I may lack superficial qualifications, but I have one thing, A LOVE FOR A BETTER KENYA.

Those who doubt the scale of my ambitions have no respect for history, monumental occurrences have occurred when humanity least expected. Conformity to trends retard progress and I shall not be a prisoner of normalcy. No Kenyan will be a prisoner of normalcy.
To reclaim our Lost promise we need valiance as opposed to timidity, we need to dare than to conform, we need to Fight for our beliefs.

I believe in possibility, I believe in Kenya

….the leadership that ought to be…..

My country is marred by leadership deficiency, principle and reason is sacrificed at the altar of convenience. when the moment calls for above board measures, people coil back to cocoons.

I offer myself to be a president of reason, principle, moment, time and your president. To speak when the moment so calls, to admonish when need so demands, to act all the time, and be president always.

…………….Vote me when the time comes……..